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Fordson E27A Major with an early cab design built by Scottish Aviation in the late 1940s

A Cab is the protective Cabin that started to be more commonly added to tractors from the 1950s, often supplied by other firms as the main manufactures did not see the need or demand at first.

Modern cabs are air conditioned, sound proofed and fitted with adjustable independent suspension systems as well as incorporating control systems built into the seat with programmable joysticks and digital displays.


A restored Ferguson tractor with a Lambourn canvas roofed cab

Adjustable cab suspension system

By the 1960 after legislation was introduced to protect driver from rollover accidents crushing them the safety cab was produced. This was developed to meet ROPS "Roll Over Protection Standards" set up ensure cabs would not crush and the occupant would survive in the event of a roll over accident occurring.

Then as time went on increased H&S led to the Q cab or Quiet Cab to reduce the noise levels the driver was subjected to. The most modern tractors have Air Conditioning, Suspension cabs with Air sprung seats, full climate control, tinted glass, radios & CD players etc.

Some cabs for Construction machinery are designed for FOPS "Falling Object Protection Standards" as well, to protect the drivers from things like demolition debris and other materials falling and crushing the cab.

For construction machinery the cabs glass is often protected when not in use by "Cab Guards" that fix over the cab to enclose it to prevent damage by vandals throwing bricks at parked machines, or breaking-in to steal the radio or tools etc.

Early after market Cabs

Cab makers for OEMs

A Complete cab assembly ready to fit to custom built machines available from a supplier to OEMs

  • Airflow - supplied JCB and Massey Ferguson
  • Duncan - Ford, John Deere, Massey Ferguson used the Duncan Supercab for low profile models.
  • GKN Sankey - Supplied the Ford Q cab (bubble cab)
  • Victor - Leyland Q cab.

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A Fordson Dexta fitted with ROPS bar

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