Predecessor -
Founded 1998
Founder(s) Messrs. Cantero, Toia and Castells
Defunct 2000
Headquarters Las Rosas, Santa Fe, Argentina
Key people Messrs. Cantero, Toia and Castells
Products agriculture machinery
Website none

The CTC company took its name from the first letters of Messrs. Cantero, Toia and Castells, who were the owners of the factory. Castells and Toia ex employees of Pla, being Toia brother-in-law of the founder of the factory, Juan Carlos Pla. One of the owners, Mr. Castelles, worked at Pla (he is still doing so) in the post-sale service part. He knew exactly where the Pla's were broken. Cantero (another of its owners) is a public accountant, fumigating no idea. The original plans of the only model of self-propelled sprayer are of Pla origin with the front boom and made of a single square structural spout.

According to Aníbal Malizzia: "I went to the presentation of the machine there in 1998 or 1999, they had thousands of problems with hydrostatic transmission, No. 1 is still in San Genaro and I think they threw the whole transmission system hydrostatic and put a mechanical, with that holy remedy... in what was chassis I think it went well, I think they had corrected defects of the Pla "and adds" notice that the anchor of the boom is identical to the Pla even in that copied Pla (sic)". "the chassis is the PLA!!! it was a sandblasted one, some reforms in some parts that broke often and new paint !! it's more the color bordeaux or red seemed anti rust!" (sic).

As a conclusion, it can be concluded that "it was a "drowned manhandle" of these 3 guys! They wanted to go out alone to the world but they could not against PLA and Metalfor, that's why after a 2nd attempt they are associated with DANCAR (which I presto the brand and maybe the facilities of the factory to see what happened, new failure (they returned to join the desire to eat with hunger!! (They do not serve as entrepreneurs or as a person or the owners of DanCar or 2 of the owners of CTC, that's why they end up selling the boom system to Tedeschi".

Units made Edit

At least 2 units were manufactured, of which there is some type of constancy.


Las Rosas, Santa Fe province.


DanCar sprayer model
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
CTC A y B Deutz or Perkins A y B in Pesados Argentinos


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