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CA Vandervell Ltd (Later CAV)was headquartered in Acton, London making diesel fuel injection equipment for diesel engine manufacturers worldwide and electrical equipment for commercial and military vehicles.[1]

The company was formed by Charles Anthony Vandervell (1870-1955), making accumulators, electric carriage lamps, and switchboards in Willesden.[1]

In 1904 the firm, moved to Warple Way, Acton.[1] The firm pioneered the dynamo-charged battery principle and in 1911 it produced the world's first lighting system used on a double-decker bus.[1] By 1918 1,000 employees were making vehicle electrics and aircraft magnetos.[1] Wireless components were also made from 1923.[1]

In 1926 CAV was bought by Lucas.[1] In 1931, CAV in partnership with Robert Bosch Ltd., became CAV-Bosch Ltd and began making fuel injection pumps for the diesel industry and later fuel systems for aircraft.[1] Lucas bought Bosch's interest out in 1937 and it became CAV Ltd in 1939. In 1978 the company's name became Lucas CAV.[1] In 1980 the Acton factory employed around 3,000 people making heavy duty electric equipment for commercial vehicles,[1] by this time diesel fuel injection manufacturing had been relocated to larger modern factories in Kent, Suffolk, Gloucestershire and many countries throughout the world.

The diesel fuel injection equipment research, engineering and manufacturing business known in later years as Lucas Diesel Systems Ltd continues at all of the world wide sites (with the exception of those in Japan and South Carolina, USA which had closed by this time) and since 2000 has been owned by Delphi Inc, a USA based automotive parts and systems manufacturer. The name has been changed to Delphi and the business is a major part of the Powertrain Division.[2]


  • The CAV range of Injector pumps were common on the diesel engines used in tractors.

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