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The Scout pulling Prestons of Potto bus trailer at the Duncombe Park Steam Rally

A Bus trailer is a trailer adapted to carry passengers, that is pulled by a tractor or other vehicle such as a steam engine.


Ernest Doe and Sons bus trailer taking visitors to see the outlying demonstrations at a farming working day event

Often adapted from a standard trailer by the fixing of basic bench seats. These may have a canopy or not. Often used for transport round parks and larger outdoor event sites over tracks or fields were normal buses cannot go if it gets wet.

A number of these vehicles are now equipped for disabled access by having a chair lift (or using an adapted tail lift) or are made with low level access via a ramp.

Some are used for giving rides behind steam engines (often 'free' or for a charity donation) with the engines taking turns to pull the trailer for a time, the Great Dorset Steam Fair operates one in the Heavy haulage arena which is very popular, as passengers can get closer to the action on the 'hill'. Dorset also operates several tractor drawn buses round the site for visitors to save the mile or so walk from one side to the other at this vast show site.

Other used are a shoots or cross country events to ferry spectators to the outlying areas on moors. Pick Your Own (P.Y.O.) farms often also operate them to transport customers and staff to outlying fields behind a tractor.


Most appear to be farm or blacksmith built from an older trailer chassis, rather than professionally built by a trailer builder or coachbuilder.

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