Burrell no. 4000 SM - Ex-Mayor - WT 8606 at Old Warden 09 - IMG 0570
At Old warden 2009
Engine Details
Current Name Ex-Mayor
Manufacturer Charles Burrell and Sons
Build date 1925
Serial no. 4000
Registration no. WT 8606
Weight Tons (kg) 10 ton
Date into Preservation 1940s
Power nhp 10 nhp
Original Owner GT Tuby & Sons
Current Owner / Keeper Saunders collection
Sale Price (approximate)
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Burrell no. 4000 is an Showman's engine that was built in 1925 by Charles Burrell and Sons in Norfolk England.

Engine HistoryEdit

The Ex Mayor was built in 1925 for the amusement caterer GT Tuby & Sons of Doncaster. The engine was of a special design and was the only one built by Burrells as a 10nhp Special Scenic Showmans Road Locomotive. It was purchased to haul and power the Scenic Railway Ride that Tuby’s travelled. However, the ride was sold just prior to the engine arriving so it spent its working life driving the dodgems.

Its driver Frank Cheffins saved the engine from the scrap yard in the 1940s and sold it on. It passed through several owners including the Rt Hon. Sir William McAlpine where it took pride of place amongst his fine collection of steam and vintage exhibits. It now resides with the Saunders Collection in Bedfordshire and is exhibited all over the UK and in Europe.


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