Burrell no. 3910 Showmans engine Wait & See built in 1921 for Crowther and Johnson of York by Burrells.

Burrell no 3910 Wait and See reg DH 3544 at Stapleford 09 - IMG 3057

The newly restored Wait & See at Stapleford Steam 2009

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Burrell Showman’s road locomotive no 3910, ‘Wait and See’, left the manufacturing plant at Thetford on 27th July 1921 and was bought on hire purchase by first owners Joseph Crowther and Herbert Johnson. However after less than two years the engine was returned to Thetford and subsequently sold to Pat Collins, the price paid was £1100, a good deal less than the brand new price of £2500.

It has now been owned by its present owner Bill Hunt for over 50 years. The engine is unique in that it was finished in yellow with cream wheels, the only Burrell Showman's to be finished in this livery and one of only three engines not finished in the Burrell standard shade of red, the other two being 3526 Lightning II and 4000 Ex-Mayor.

The engine worked for some time in the original yellow paint but later was painted in the more traditional red. In 1946 a new firebox was fitted but less than a year later the engine was taken out of use and lay in Pat Collins's yard in Bloxwich until 1955 when it was purchased by Bill Hunt when Collins started to sell off and scrap his remaining engines.

The engine remained untouched until 2003 when it was moved to Dingles Steam Museum, where a team led by Clive Gibbard restored the road locomotive. Work was completed in 2009 and she can now be seen in her original glory.

In October 2017 the engine was offered for sale at the Richard Sandercock retirement sale held at the museum by Kivells. It was offered as a included lot in the sale, by the Hunt family who had owned it since 1955. It failed to sell at a top bid of £400,000 on the day. But is reported to have been sold afterwards to the Thwaites family from Cheshire, for a un-disclosed figure, against overseas bidders. (Old Glory Magazine sale report November 2017)

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