Burrell no. 3618 TE The Scout reg TD 4276 at Duncombe Park 09 - IMG 7412

Burrell no. 3618 - The Scout at Duncombe Park Steam Rally in 2009

Burrell no. 3618 is traction engine built by Charles Burrell and Sons of Thetford in Norfolk, England. The engine is currently called The Scout and carries the registration number TD 4276.


It was sold to Richard Preston Senior by Harry Beeforth from Whitby, a threshing contractor in the years after World War II. The engine was then known as Princess Royal and was fitted with a 3/4 cab. Dick left the engine to his wife Elsie, who in turn left it to her daughter Betsy. On Betsy Walkington´s death in 2002 it was then passed on in her will to her son John and daughter Ann. Each year the engine takes part in a number of social occasions, road-runs being a speciality, and favourite rally is Duncombe Park near Helmsley in North Yorks.


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