Burrell no. 3106 was built in 1909 by Charles Burrell & Sons at Thetford, Norfolk. This engine was purchased originally by W.C.Parris & Sons Threshing Contractors of Scotts Farm Moreton, Nr Ongar, Essex, UK. It is now resident in the Charles Burrell Museum back in Thetford were it was built. The engine is named Princess Royal and carries the Reg No. NO 439.

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Charles Burrell Museum

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For company history, see Burrell.

On his death it was passed on to his son Harry Parris. The Steam engines jobs were taken over by Field Marshall Tractors for some years before the elder son Will died and the bussines closed down. Burrell No.3106 was named Princess Royal and carried Reg No. NO 439 was reguarly polished and shown at various Rally's, I know I used to polish it, that was around 1961,2,3. When Harry died I have no idea what happened to the Engine. I recently started a search for it and I found a photo of it at the Steamscene engine ID is 928 and the Image ID is 4266.

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