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The Buffalo Pitts Company was a manufacturer of [[steam engines and rollers based in Buffalo, New York state in the USA.


Buffalo Pitts went by several names through it’s history. From the start:

  • John A. Pitts Company;
  • Pitts & Brayley;
  • Brayley & Pitts;
  • Pitts Agricultural Works;
  • and finally Buffalo Pitts Company.

In the early 1900’s Buffalo Pitts made Steam Rollers. The company went by the name Buffalo Pitts Rollers initially, and then became Buffalo Steam Roller Company. This subsidiery was located within the Buffalo Pitts factory complex at the corner of Carolina Street and Fourth on Buffalo’s West Side. The factory complex was located on a branch of the Erie Canal, which ran alongside Lake Erie and the Buffalo River. Later Buffalo Steam Roller Company merged with Kelly-Springfield to form the famous steamroller maker Buffalo-Springfield.


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