Walking Dragline at St Aidans Leeds

Bucyrus Erie walking Dragline preserved at St. Aidans, nr. Leeds. Largest preserved machine in the UK

Bucyrus-Erie Company is now Know as Bucyrus International Inc.

Bucyrus International, Inc. is a manufacturer of heavy mining equipment. Founded in Bucyrus, Ohio in 1880, the headquarters were moved to its current location in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1893. It was an early producer of steam shovels. Its products now include large electric rope shovels, walking draglines, and rotary blasthole drills for the surface mining industry. Formerly Bucyrus-Erie, they built hundreds of large mining machines, as well as construction equipment, in an intense competition against competitor Marion Power Shovel. Bucyrus acquired Marion Power Shovel in 1997.

They market equipment under the brands Bucyrus, Bucyrus-Erie, Marion, and Ransomes and Rapier. In May 2007, Bucyrus acquired the DBT Group from the RAG Group of Germany. DBT manufactures underground mining equipment that complements the current surface machinery line.

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The Bucyrus yearsEdit

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The Erie MergerEdit

The Ruston-Bucyrus MergerEdit

The Ramsomes and Rapier take overEdit

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The Post War Boom and Growth of the Massive MachinesEdit

The Marion Take overEdit

The FutureEdit

Model RangeEdit

Modern Mega MachinesEdit

UK MachinesEdit

Dragline Bucket for Bucyrus Erie at St Aidans

Oddballs 20 cu yd Bucket at side of Jib

  • BE 380W at Lafrage Cement Works in Scotland
  • BE 1150 "Oddball" at St. Adians Leeds, Built 1947 and used in Wales, moved to Leeds in 1974, laid up in 1988 after site flooded and Laid off & preserved in 1998. The machine weighs 1200 ton, with a 20 Cu yd Bucket.[1]
  • BE 1260W "Big Murphy" s/n 38654 at various site in Scotland. 26 cu yd , with a 285 ft boom, machine weight 1635 ton.[2]
  • BE 1260W "Chevington Collier" working for UK Coal.
  • BE 1260W at Shotts OCCS in Scotland

Preserved MachinesEdit

  • The Walking Dragline at St. Aidans nr. Leeds, in Yorkshire, England is the biggest machine of this type preserved in the UK. Others machines like Big Geordie and Sundew have been cut up for scrap.
  • The [[Vintage Excavator trust has a wide range of machines in preservation but nothing of this scale, and no walking draglines, at ther site at Threlkeld, nr Penrith in Cumbria, at the site of a former slate mine.

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