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Brokk AB is a Swedish company that specialises in building remote control demolition machines for operating in hazardous environments. The machines are similar to a small mini excavator but designed with a multi-section boom that is designed to carry a variety of demolition tools such as hammers and crusher jaws for demolishing concrete structures. The machines are operated by remote control and are powered by a electro hydraulic drive or by remote hydraulic power pack. They travel on a tracked undercarriage and some models have outriggers for stability. The company started as a joint venture of PE Holmgren and Rivteknik to solve a difficult demolition job. Later the idea was turned into a subsidiary. Today Brokk is owned by an Investment firm.

Company history

The two companies of PE Holmgren and Rivteknik had been involved in various demolition activities for some time. The idea of designing their own demolition machine came in the spring of 1976 when they were carrying out the difficult and hazardous job of demolishing a lead furnace at Boliden Rönnskärsverken smelting plant near Skellefteå, in Sweden.[1]

The first machine was christened Mini-Max and later renamed PH250 and then developed into the Brokk 250. The operations grew and in 1982 the owners decided to establish a separate company for the development and production of the machines. The company name was Holmhed Systems AB, which later changed to Brokk AB.

Brokk is today a wholly owned subsidiary of the investment company Lifco Group.


Striping out materials such as tiles in swing pools, demolishing buildings or cutting new openings in structures. The small size and high power to work ratio allows the use in confined spaces and access via stirs and lifts. the boom enable a greater working envelope than a mini digger and breaker and the operator can stand in a safer position and is not subject to the vibration and noise that a conventional excavator diver would suffer.

Some machines have been used in very high risk areas such as nuclear power stations for stripping out or to demolish chimneys and lift shafts from the top down using a hammer or a concrete crushing claw attachment.

Product range

Current line up[2]
  • Brokk 50 - only 600 wide & 500 kg
  • Brokk 90
  • Brokk 100
  • Brokk 160
  • Brokk 180 - Former model
  • Brokk 250 - initial model
  • Brokk 260
  • Brokk 330D
  • Brokk 400
  • Brokk 800S Standard -
  • Brokk 800P Process - 12 ton with a 9m reach (designed for steel works & foundry applications for cleaning furnaces in very hostile environments

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