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Brockhouse Mfc plate

Brockhouse Engineering are a manufacturer of automotive components and formerly trailers. The company was founded by John Brockhouse in 1885 and are still based in the West Midlands of England.


Brockhouse trailer with Aircraft navigation search light unit - Kettering 08 - IMG 1865

A Brockhouse trailer with Aircraft navigational search light on

The company was established in 1885 by John Brockhouse as a spring and axle maker, employing 8 men. Within 3 years the company had expanded and subsequently moved to the 5.5 acre site in Howard Street, West Bromwich, they still occupy today.

In the 120 years since the company has grown to become one of largest engineering employers still based in the West Midlands. The company is a supplier of industrial components (Forgings) to many industries.

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A few examples of Brockhouse products appear at shows.

  • Brockhouse 15cwt trailer - commonly used with Army Land Rovers (fitted with same wheels)
  • Brockhouse trailer with Aircraft direction beacon
  • BMB tractors
  • Fordson N with Brockhouse Torque converter for Aircraft towing duties.

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