Bristol Taurus Mk II sn 21038 of 1967 at Pickering 09 - IMG 3048

Bristol Taurus with Backactor at Pickering Steam Rally 2009

Bristol tracked shovel

Bristol Shovel at site the VET in Cumbria

The Bristol Taurus was built by Bristol-Saunders from July 1964 till 1967 when it became the Track Marshall 1100 following Track Marshall taking them over.

Model historyEdit

The Taurus was introduced by the Bristol-Saunders company in July 1964, as a compact British built machine. Details required.


  • Perkins 3.152 engine of 40 hp[1]
  • 3F 2R gear box with High / Low range box
  • 11.700 lbs drawbar pull
  • 4 in 1 Bucket (option) ?
  • Option for Backactor
  • Cab (option)
  • Agricultural spec

Serial numbersEdit

  • MK1 ser. no. from 20001 1964 to 20043 1965
  • MK2 ser. no. from 21001 1965 to ? 1967 when became the Track Marshall 1100 model.[2]


A number of machines are still in existence with a few having being restored.

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  • Pickering Steam rally for photo

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