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The Bristol brand of trucks has a rather on / off history. With vehicles being built with the Bristol Name at several times, under differing owner ship. 1908 to 1914 - Gasoline powered trucks, 1920's a few trucks built, then restarted for BRS in the 1950's till 1964.


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The Bristol Omnibus Company traces its origins to 1875, when the Bristol Tramways Company was formed by Sir George White to begin a horse-tram service from Upper Maudlin Street to Blackboy Hill. In 1887, the Bristol Tramways Company merged with the Bristol Cab Company to form a new company, Bristol Tramways & Carriage Company Ltd.

There was a separate company the Bristol Wagon & Carriage Works Ltd that built Steam wagons from 1904 to 1908.

The Bristol Tramways & Carriage Works Ltd started building their own buses in 1908 after having problems with buses from other makers. They then built a few trucks based on their gasoline bus chassis between 1908 and 1914. A small number of trucks were built in 1915 for the War Deptment, then production ceased till the 1920's.

The company was taken over by Thomas Tilling Group, another bus operator in 1931. Tillings were Nationalised post war. This lead to the creation of "British Road Services" the transport operator. A plan was then created to build a Heavy Good vehicle for there operations, and so the Bristol Carriage works was used to produce these vehicles for BRS.

Bristol Trucks (BRS)

Two basic designs were built, 22ton GVW Eight wheelers and 24 ton GVW Articulated tractor units.

A 30 ton version the HD was planed but not built. After BRS was partialt denationalised in the 1960's they bought off-the shelf trucks from the main manufacturers.

The Bus builder was then partially sold to Leyland with them taking a large stake in the firm in the 1960's.


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