Bregazzi Steam Buggy at riverside 2011 - IMG 9004

Bregazzi steam buggy

Bregazzi Steam Buggy is a small steam cart built by Jonathan Bregazzi from a small vertical steam boiler and a small steam engine mounted on a tubular steel chassis. (a cross between a golf buggy and a milk float sums it up) The project has been seen at rallies from 2009 in various stages of construction from a rolling chassis onwards to a working vehicle, with seats and canopy. It attracts a lot interest from the public.


  • Boiler - Vertical
  • Engine - Single cylinder vertical by ?
  • Power - 1 nhp (?)
  • 4 wheel chassis - tubular frame
  • Steering ?
  • axle ?
  • gears ?
  • Bodywork - non - just a canopy


Video of its first rally steaming
Steam Buggy at its first show

Steam Buggy at its first show.wmv

At its First show in steam


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Info based on photos from events attended.

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