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Bomford & Evershed Ltd. was created in 1904 as agricutural machinery manufactures and contractors, based in Salford Priors, Evesham. in Warwickshire. The company was formed from three existing local business: Edward Humphries & Co. Ltd, Raymound & Benjamin Bomford (Contractors), and the Patents of R&B Bomford and H. Evershed. The company is still in business to day as Bomford-Turner as part of the ? Group which also includes McConnel and Spearhead Machinery Ltd. The company manufacturing commercial hedge trimming equipment and other verge maintenance and agricultural machinery.


Bomford & Evershed living van - mfc plate. at Preston Rally - IMG 3188.JPG

Bomford & Evershed Ltd., created in 1904 as a limited company based upon merging three businesses / partnerships:

  1. E. Humphries & Co., Ltd., of Atlas Works, Pershore, who were then in liquidation. Humphries were an agricultural engineering firm manufacturing portable steam engines and threshing machines. They were taken over as a going concern, complete wth the freehold land and buildings at Pershore and their current stock in trade, cash, debts, contracts and trade marks.
  2. R & B Bomford, Agricultral and rolling contractors of Evesham, Worcestershire. The business of Raymond and Benjamin Bomford, Pitchill, Evesham, who operated as engineering and steam cultivating, road rolling, dredging and excavating contractors. R. & B. Bomford however continuing in business as a separate concern.
  3. The joint patents of R. &. B. Bomford and Harry Evershed, a former employee of R. & B. Bomford (and prior to 1896 of John Fowler & Co., (Leeds) Ltd.).

In 1908 Bomford & Evershed Ltd., moved to their present site at Salford Priors, Evesham, selling the Atlas Works, Pershore, together with the manufacturing of threshing machines which was carried out there, to The Horsfall Destructor Co., Ltd., (in its turn superseded by Fisher-Humphries Ltd.). The manufacture of steam engines having ceased on the acquisition of the Atlas Works by Bomfords in 1904.

In 1910 Bomford & Evershed Ltd., sold them their steam cultivation contracting machinery. While R. & B. Bomford had been gradually returning to steam cultivation contract work.(A number of Ex-Bomford engine being in preservation).

Thereafter Bomford & Evershed Ltd., concentrated on road rolling, dredging and excavating contracts of lakes and ponds. They were also involved in the production of associated machinery such as ditching and earth moving equipment which was taking a secondary role until it was given a boost by the 'Dig for Victory' campaign during the Second World War.

R. &. B. Bomford, which became Bomford Bros., moved into the design of machinery for hedge cutting, vegetable washing (the vale of Evesham being a big market gardening area) and cultivating. In 1954 becoming a limited company, - Bomford Bros., Ltd.. The post war years saw Bomford & Evershed Ltd., became increasingly reliant on manufacturing, as most farms then had there own tractors for ploughing following the 2nd World War mechanisation program. selling their dredging business to Bomford & Wilkins after the end of 1956 and entering into cultivator production from 1960 onwards.

In 1967 the two firms of Bomford & Evershed Ltd., and Bomford Bros., Ltd., joined to form; the present Bomford Group, the latter becoming the contracts division of the new concern.


Restored Bomford & Evershed Living van at the Preston Steam Rally in Kent

  • Threshing Machine (Humphries) till 1908
  • Living vans - often used by the contracting division s rolling and ploghing crews
  • Dredging machinery
  • Cultivators
  • Mowers and pasture machinery.
  • Hedge cutters

Preserved machinery

A number of ex R & B Bomford/Bomford & Evershed/Bomford Bros. etc road rollers, living vans and ploughing engines survive in preservation with old 'owners' plates indicating there past heritage.

Some early Bomford & Evershed / Bomford built machinery can also be seen in museums and at vintage tractor or steam rallies.

Living vans

Makers plate

A number of Living vans survive or have been recreated from surviving parts;

  • Bomford & Evershed no. 74 used with NM 54 - McLaren no. 510
  • Bomford & Evershed no. 98 (Oakhanger machinery co.)
  • Bomford & Evershed no. 109 used with UAD 40

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