Bomford-Turner are manufacturers of Agricultural machinery, the firm is based in Salford Priors, nr Evesham Worcestershire and was founded in 1904 as Bomford & Evershed by Raymond Bomford. today thecompany is part of the American based Alamo Group, along with the neighbour firm of Spearhead Machinery Ltd and McConnel plus Twose based in Devon.


The Bomford Kite a new model of Arm cutter for 2009

A Bomford twin blade topper

The uderside of a Bomford tripple topper showing cutter heads

The 'Bomford's a family of farmers of several generations in Worcestershire, diversified into contracting following the growth in road building after the Neapolitan wars. This then led them to develop steam driven machines to assist in this work.

Raymond Bomford registered in 1904 the Bomford company name. He then developed a variety of cultivation machinery that could be used with steam powered agricultural vehicles of the day. By the late 40’s Bomford's developed hedge cutter with a balance(d) arm design.

Today the Bomford company design, manufacture and distribute a range of machinery for the Hedge and Verge mowing sector, and cultivation machinery.

Product range

  • Arm mowers
    • Wren - A 3m reach machine for Estate management
    • B315 & B427 - 3.1 > 4.2m reach options, for the small farmer or estate
    • Kite - A new design for 2009
    • Kestrel - 5m Reach Machine for Farm use
    • Harrier - 4.7 & 5m Reach Options
    • Hawk - 4.8 to 6m reach options large farmer small contractor
    • Falcon - 5m to 6m reach options for the contractor / Local authority
    • Falcon Collector - 5 & 5.5m high speed verge mower with collection system
    • Buzzard - 6.5m to 8m options for Contractors
    • B81-81 - Twin sided cutting for use by environment / drainage authority applications
    • B49FM, B54FM, B58FM - Front mounted Cutters with choice of arm reach
    • Heron - 9.2m long reach designed for river bank works with environment / drainage authorities
  • Cutter heads
    • Flail
    • Rotary blade
    • Cutter bar (Knife type)
    • Blade runner - multiple circular saws for brush trimming
    • Ditch cleaner
  • Hedge cutters
  • Pasture toppers
  • Fail mowers - bank and verge cutting
  • Feed spreaders - silage dispensers (unroll big bails)
  • Cultivation equipment
    • Ploughs
    • Furrow Presses
    • Packers
    • Power Harrows
    • Drills
    • Toppers
    • Minimal Tillage equipment

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