Founded 1850
Defunct 2001
Headquarters Port Washington, Wisconsin, USA
Products lawn tractors, lawn & garden equipment, outdoor power equipment
Parent MTD Products

Bolens was founded in 1850, and has grown to become a respected brands in outdoor power equipment in some markets. Bolens introduced their first power-driven garden tractor in 1919. The firm is now part of the MTD Products.

Located in the same building since 1894, they went on to invent and make the world's first self contained four-wheel riding garden tractor, the first mulching mower design that is still patented to this very day and one of the first hydrostatic transmission implemented on a garden tractor (Bolens Husky 1250).

Bolens garden tractor GDSF
Bolens 2700 diesel tractors brochure - 1982


Originally started as a joint partnership in Port Washington, Wisconsin, the earliest of the Bolens company was actually the J.E. Gilson/ H.W. Bolens Manufacturing Co. working together making chair irons and garden tools. Gilson sold out to Bolens in 1914 and went a separate path. Bolens from that point on had become the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of Outdoor Power Equipment. Immediately following World War II, Bolens was acquired by the FMC Corporation and specialization continued in production of outdoor equipment. A progressive engineering program was begun and new designs met growing new demands as Americans in increasing numbers discovered Bolens power equipment as a means of reducing the time and effort required for yard care. In 1947, Bolens introduced the first compact tractor. The Bolens Husky 600 made its appearance in 1961 and set a new standard for all compact tractors. Bolens again startled the industry in 1963 with introduction of the Estate Keeper; a unique and years-ahead concept in compact tractors.

Garden Way purchased Bolens in 1988 and purchased Troy-Bilt sometime before that. Although all of Bolens equipment was under the Troybilt name, the tractors and mowers were of Bolens design and standards. Troy-Bilt made tillers and accessories. 

In 2001, MTD Products, one of the largest producers of outdoor power equipment in the world, purchased Bolens. The Bolens name has since been reduced to a low-cost brand with limited availability. In the USA, only the Lowe's chain of home centers carry it.


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Bolens Premium logo

Bolens Premium Tractor Models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Bolens Premium M76TF 2012 14.5 hp (10.8 kW) Briggs & Stratton 38 in deck
Bolens Premium N76TS 2012 17.5 hp (13.0 kW) Briggs & Stratton 42 in deck
Bolens Premium N79GG 2009 17.5 hp (13.0 kW) Briggs & Stratton 42 in deck Bolens Premium N79GG (17.5-42) - 2009
Bolens Premium X79GH 2009 20 hp (15 kW) Briggs & Stratton 46 in deck

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