The name Bofors has been associated with the iron industry for more than 350 years. Located in Karlskoga, Sweden, it originates from the hammer mill "Boofors" founded 1646. The company was founded in 1873. Bofors' most famous owner was Alfred Nobel who owned the company from 1894 until his death in December 1896. He had the key role in reshaping the iron manufacturer to a modern cannon manufacturer and chemical industry.

The Swedish firm of A.-B. Bofors built a 2-cylinder tractor based on the Advance tractor from the early 1930s. This was a Crude-oil tractor of 25/40 horsepower size.

Bofors are best known in the UK for the Bofors Machine gun / Anti-aircraft guns fitted on ships by the Navy in the 2nd World war.

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In 1999 Saab purchased the Celsius Group, then the parent company for Bofors. In September 2000 United Defense Industries (UDI) of the United States acquired Bofors Weapons Systems (the heavy weapons division), while Saab retained the missile interests.

Thus Bofors is today split in two parts:


The name Bofors is strongly associated with a 40 mm anti-aircraft gun based on a Bofors design which was produced and used by both sides during World War II, and often called simply the Bofors gun. The gun saw service on land and sea, and became so widely known that anti-aircraft guns in general were often referred to as Bofors guns. Another well-known gun made by the company was the Bofors 37 mm anti-tank gun, a standard anti-tank weapon used by a variety of armies early in the war. It was built under license in Poland and the USA and was also used in a variety of tanks, including the 7TP and M3A3 Stuart.

In recent years the Bofors company has lost much of its reputation in Sweden due to various suspect affairs, the most scandalous being the allegegation of kickbacks involved in securing a contract with the Indian Army in 1986.

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