Bitelli was an Italian construction machinery manufacturer. The firm was founded in ? and taken over by Caterpillar in 2000 as part of there exspansion plans to offer a full lineup of construction machinery. Bitelli built a full range of road rollers, crawler and wheel type road pavers and crawler and wheel type road planers/recyclers for removing the old surface or re-profiling the carriageway. There is a digital e-book on Bitelli being prepared for release in early 2012 and it is anticipated that this will be supplied to the Historic Construction Machinery Association in America, for anyone seeking comprehensive information on this company. It will feature digital scans of most of the products built by Bitelli.


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Model rangeEdit


Former models
  • BB730 - 8 ton mini paver
  • BB740 - 11.5 ton compact paver 82.5 hp Cat 3054 engine 2.5-4.75 m screed
  • BB760 - ? ton
  • BB781 - ? ton (New) Large Tracked Paver
  • BB621C Small tracked paver with vibrating screed
  • BB642 11.5 ton replaced by the B740
  • BB650 13.5 ton Medium Paver with tamping/vibrating screed
  • BB651C Medium tracked paver with tamping/vibrating screed
  • BB670 Large twin axle paver with RB465 or RB4700 tamping/vibrating screed


  • SF60T3 0.60 Metre Drum, 11 tons. 3.40 cm cut depth
  • SF101R 1 Metre Drum, 14.4 tons. 3.0 cm cut depth
  • SF102R 1 Metre Drum, Front Loading, 14.8 tons. 3.20 cm cut depth
  • SF102CR 1 Metre Drum, Front Loading, 16.1 tons. 3.05 cm cut depth
  • SF200LE 2 Metre Drum, Front Loading, 28.7 tons. 3.20 cm cut depth
  • SF202 2 Metre Drum, Front Loading, 43 tons. 3.30 cm cut depth

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