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Founded 1940
Founder(s) Mr. Bianco, Juan Bautista Cuffia, Pinciroli & Romero.
Headquarters Oncativo, Córdoba, Argentina
Products Construction machinery

Bicupiro is a metallurgical company dedicated to the production of sweeping boxes (accessories spare parts), sewer cloggers, industrial waste collection, waste collectors, shredders blades, waste shredders, tippers.

History Edit

Founded in 1940, Juan Bautista Cuffia manufactured peanut pickers. Its so particular name, derives from the first two letters of each one of its partners: BIanco - CUffia - PInciroli - ROmero.

Production Edit

It produces machinery for almost all the municipalities of the country and several countries abroad. He even had up to 140 workers in his plant.

Change of hands Edit

In 2009, in the midst of crossed versions and denials, the signature was sold by Omar Cuffia to the Venezuelan businessman Salomón Yehia. In 2011, the corporate name Elephantos S.A. takes over BI.CU.PI.RO and its registered trademark.

Annex Edit

A note to Oscar Cuffia in 2005 from the newspaper La Voz del Interior. At that time, he was the only partner that had stayed at BiCuPiRo. -Back to your company: I remember it, 20 years ago, as a firm ... -Big... -Yes, with high production and a lot of personnel. -We have 160 employees. In 2001, we fell to 38 and one day I told the family: I do not want to have more employees. I'm staying with this. I already have 100 again! - Did you think about closing at the time? - It was a missing company. We could not fight against swindlers. The flight of money was something planned, but we were also stupid. - But he thought about closing three years ago or not? - I raised it to my family, because I am my age and I realized that to go back this had to make a sovereign effort, starting with the financial. - What did he do then? -Look what was in the market. We did not see the possibility of sales. So, we went out to look for the most loyal staff and we focused on repairing machines that we had already sold years ago. -How much is a collection and cleaning machine worth? -There are 150 thousand pesos, 100 thousand, 80 thousand, 45 thousand. Of everything. -And so? They did well? -The question is this: if a mayor does not clean his place, he has a bad time. We in the middle of the crisis thought that they would put the unemployed people to sweep the streets with brooms. - And how will the story of Bicupiro continue? -It is a family firm and, therefore, the future depends on the family. Every family business requires a leader, whose decisions are not always shared. But the leader is the type that goes forward.

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