Benford enamel plate - IMG 7246

A enamel "Benford" makers plate.

Benford PS3000 dumper CAT 304 digger - IMG 5003

A Benford PS3000 with a CAT 304 mini digger

Benford are a construction plant manufacturer based in Warwickshire. They build dumper trucks and mixers. They are now part of Terex corporations global network of construction plant building operation.


The Company was formed in ? by James Bennett and Harry Langford, who sold the business to Walker Bros. Ltd of Walsall after a few years.

Dumper manufacture started in 1953. The original 4x4 models had axles derived from Landrover axles, fitted with double reduction hubs.

The company was taken over by Terex in 1999 as part of their acquisition of Powerscreen who had bought Benford in 1998 from the BM group who acquired Benford in 1986.[1] Terex have their compact equipment factory up the road in Coventry from Benfords Warwickshire base..

Model RangeEdit

Early modelsEdit

Benford S40 skid-steer

Benford S40 skid-steer

  • Cement Mixers 5/3½ first built 1937 and sold at £37
  • Batch Mixers
    • Benford 10/7 Hopper loaded Batching mixer unit
  • 4x4 Dumpers
  • Benford S20 skid-steer
  • Benford S40 skid-steer

Modern modelsEdit

Main article: List of Benford models

Latest ones are now branded as Terex-Benford and are being renumbered in Terex's unified model number scheme.

UK machines in preservationEdit

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