Founded 1946
Headquarters Minsk, Belarus
Industry agriculture machinery tractor
Parent MTZ

Belarus is brand of tractors manufactured by various former-Soviet Union tractor factories. Many have been built by MTZ, a tractor manufacturer founded in Minsk in the 'Republic of Belarus', which was a former USSR state and part of Belarussia, and which now form the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Others have been manufactured by Kirovets, VTZ and others.

It has been reported that Belarus supplies 8% of the world's tractors.


Belarus 1507 - reg G196 BDX at Welland 2010 - IMG 8601

A Belarus 1507 at the Welland Steam Rally

The company was founded in Minsk in 1946 under the old Soviet Union as part of the post war rebuilding drive. The factory is one of the biggest in the world and has supplied more than 3 million tractors by 1995. The Minsk factory builds 50 thousand tractors per year.[1]

When the Soviet Union started exporting tractors to other countries, the exporting company named itself after the territory with the main factory, so the tractors were branded with the name Belarus. The tractors ranged from crawlers (with undercarriages based on tanks) to four-wheel-drive tractors. A large range of attachments were available for the tractors, so bulldozers, backhoes and front-end loaders were based all on the same machine.

The tractors for the European market are certified to ISO 9001 QA Standards, with earlier versions tested at the Silso Institute in the UK. Tractors have been imported into the UK since the 1970s in small numbers. The 4-wd (front-assist) versions have been attractive as a simple rugged tractor for hill country farmers.

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The Factory designations are generally MTZ xxx, but UK machines are generally designated Belarus and the MTZ dropped.

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Belarus DT75M crawler at AB WD 2013 - IMG 7771

Belarus DT75M awaiting restoration

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