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Sugar beet harvesting requires a high degree of specialization, with several stage of coordinated mechanization culminating in delivery of the product to the sugar beet factory.

Sugar beet harvesting currently involves four main operation:

  1. Leaf stripping;
  2. Beet topping with collet cutting;
  3. removal of the root crop from the soil;
  4. Cleaning the product to remove impurities (soil stuck to the product, loose soil, dry leafstalks, collets, pieces of root, stones, etc.).

These basic operation are followed by other, optional ones that can be used in various combinations, e.g.: Depositing the root crop in swaths; Direct loading on to a vehicle beside the loader or into the harvester.


  • Agrifac
  • Grimme
  • Ropa
  • Holmer
  • WKM
  • Herriau
  • Armer-Salmon
  • Standen
  • Juko
  • Thyregod
  • Tim
  • Stoll
  • Dyson
  • Shelbourn Reynolds

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