The Bates Machinery and Tractor Co. was formed in 1919 in Joliet, Illonois, America. The company was formed from two local companies, The Bates Tractor Co. and the Joliet Oil Tractor Co. which built the Bates Steel Mule designed by Albert Bates, an designer / engineer. Bates had designed his tractor in 1915.

The New company built several models with Some being Half-track versions. The company move from wheeled models to just Tracked version due to competitor but then the decline in sales in the depression forced them to pull out of tractor production like many other firms.

The design was licensed to Herbert Austin to build in Europe, before he designed and built his own Austin tractor.[1]

The Track drive was a single track at the rear. The driver sat well back over the implement. Power was from a 4-cylinder ERD petrol (Gasoline) engine of 30 hp. Apparently contemporary press reports were of decent performance.[2]

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A few examples exist in the USA, but do any reside in the UK ?

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