Baskent Traktor A.S
Successor Hars Traktor
Founded 2002
Defunct 2014
Headquarters Ankara, Turkey
Industry agriculture machinery
Products tractors

Baskent Traktor A.S was founded in 2002 in Ankara, Turkey, to help supply Massey Ferguson-licensed tractors to Turkey after the Turkish-licensee, Uzel, filed bankruptcy and lost its license from AGCO, parent of Massey Ferguson. Baskent is at least partially owned by Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company (ITMCo) of Iran. Tractors manufactured by ITMCo in Iran are shipped as components to Turkey, where they are assembled. Baskent discontinued operations in 2014, and several smaller assemblers sprung up in Turkey, assembling/building Massey Ferguson licensed/cloned tractors. Hars Traktor is ITMCO's new partner in Turkey.


Baskent Tractor Models
Model Year(s) of Production Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Baskent 240 S 2009- 54 hp (40 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan) ITMCo/Massey Ferguson Baskent 240 s
Baskent 265 S 2009- 65 hp (48 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan) ITMCo/Massey Ferguson Baskent 265 s
Baskent 275 S 2009- 75 hp (56 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan) ITMCo/Massey Ferguson Baskent 275 s
Baskent 285 S 2009- 85 hp (63 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan) ITMCo/Massey Ferguson Baskent 285 s
Baskent 399 S 2009- 100 hp (75 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan) ITMCo/Massey Ferguson Baskent 399 s

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