For modern site dumpers, see Barford.

Barfords of Belton were a subsidiary of the Aveling-Barford company of Grantham in Lincolnshire, England.




Barford Atom ? - MAS 986 at Newark 09 - IMG 5729

A Barford Atom with riding trailer

  • Barford Atom - The Barford Atom was a walk behind horticultural 'Cultivator' (tractor), built in the post war years for Market gardens, small holding and estate work. A range of accessories were available from Barfords and third part suppliers. The machine was built in several versions.
    • Barford Atom (mk1) - introduced in the 1940s came in 2 versions with a Pair of wheels either side of the engine or a single central twin wheel arrangement. Power was from a 1 1/4 hp Villiers engine
    • Barford Atom 15 - The Barford Atom 15 was introduced in 1951 with a more powerful engine of 1 1/2 hp.
    • Barford Atom 30 - The Barford Atom 30 was introduced in 1959, to replace the earlier Barford Atom 15. The Atom 30 equipped with a Villiers Mk 15 single-cylinder engine producing 3hp. This drove a gearbox via a 'V' belt drive, tensioned by a hand operated lever to engage drive to the machines wheels. Ratchets clutches in the wheel hubs help with steering.
  • Attachments - Many implements could be bought to work with the basic machine, including ploughs, disc harrows, rollers, Cultivators, harrows, ridgers and potato diggers, mower cutter bar, trailer, and even a a circular sawbench and hedge trimmer attachments on a flexi-drive shaft. (see photo)

Other products included Milking machinery, Catering equipment and later production of the small site dumpers.


A popular item with horticultural machinery collectors, as easily transported and useful. Collectors often try to get sets of accessories or similar machines from other manufacturers.

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