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The Barford Company is a Site dumper manufacturer based in the famous Invcita works of Aveling-Barford in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. They are a successor to the Aveling-Barford company. They build 2 axle site dumpers, and rebuild older Aveling-Barford 3 Axle Off road dumpers for export companies and markets. They are part of the Wordsworth Holdings group who have a range of engineering orientated companies based on the site, which they acquired in 1988, sharing some of the machine capacity. It is now part of the Invictas Group.

Barford is the No. 3 Site dumper manufacture in the UK competing with Thwaites and Benford, and against imported machines in the 2 ton to 10 ton forward tip market. This is one sector a lot of the big names dont build machines for. As 'Forward tip' machines are predominantly a UK & Irish market machine. Of the big names only Terex sell dumpers of this type.

The company can trace it Dumper linage back to the first dumpers built in the inter war years.

Wordsworth Group companiesEdit

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  • SX2000, SX3000, SX3000H, SX4000, SX5000, SX6000, SX7000, SX8000, SX9000
  • SXR3000, SXR30HILoda, SXR3500H, SXR5000, SXR6000, SXR7000, SXR8000
  • HDX750, HDX1000
  • SKR9 9 ton (Rotating skip)
  • SK10 10 ton Hi-Capacity
  • BigTrax 10 a 10 ton tracked dumper, with the 4 wheels replaced by track drive units (Like a Cuthbertson Land Rover conversion from the 1980s). Introduced at SED 2008.

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