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Bale grab to load 8 o 10 conventional bales of hay or straw

A Bale grab is a attachment that is used on a loader to handle bales. Early versions were mechanically operated but later versions used hydraulics. They come in many types now to handle all the different types of bale from the 'conventional' rectangular bale to modern high density bales and round bales of all sizes.


Early devices were mechanically operated but modern grabs to handle bales weighing up to 1 ton each are mainly hydraulically operated. Some large high density round and rectangular bales are handled by just using spikes to stab the bale and extracted just by pulling out using the bales own weight and friction to hold it in place in the stack or on the trailer.


The early grabs developed into bale handling systems with scaled up versions designed to grab stacks of 56 or more bales and transport them from field to farm or within larger fields to a roadside collection point for loading to road transport. Some were 3 point linkage mounted and other used trailed systems. The switch to big bales then resulted in a new generation of transporters such as the Traileyre system for collecting round bales and others to collect up high density bales and then stack them in the field at high speed.


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