Aveling and Porter works number 8794 is a steam roller currently named Ophelia. 8794 was built in 1917 for the Eddisons Road Rolling Company of Brecon, South Wales. The roller got laid up in a park in 1967 were it stood for many years till it was deemed unsafe as a playground feature like many others on Health and Safety grounds. it got bought by present owner in 1992.


Aveling & Porter no 8794 - steam roller (FX7043) - 111aaaa

FX 7043 at a steam rally

Brian Allison bought it from the park in 1992 and restored it to present condition over several years. The roller has appeared at many rallies in the North Wales borders and Cheshire/Shropshire area over the years.


Aveling & porter no. 8794 - RR - Ophelia - FX 7043 at Onslow Park 09 - IMG 6705

Ophelia at Onslow Park in 2009

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