Aveling and Porter no. 7771 - RR - Pegasus - PC 9014 at Bill Targett 2011 - IMG 4563
At Bill Target Rally 2011
Engine Details
Current Name Pegasus
Manufacturer Aveling & Porter
Build date 1912
Serial no. 7771
Registration no. PC 9014
Machine type BS
Weight Tons (kg) 10 ton
Date into Preservation (UK)
Power nhp 5 nhp
No. of Gears 2
Original Owner Eddison
Current Owner / Keeper ?
Date bought (Current) 1991
Sale Price (approximate)
(if published)
Auctioneer -
Notes Ex William (Bill) Target
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Aveling & Porter no. 7771 is an steam roller that was built in 1912 by Aveling & Porter in Kent. This engine is currently owned/in the care of ?.

Engine HistoryEdit

New to Eddisons of Dorchester in October 1912, sold to Surrey County Council 1923 and then to Hambledon Rural District Council until 1958 with an overhaul post war in 1947 where it gained a Fowler canopy. Sold at auction in 1959 at Milford Station Yard and went to a garden centre where it was used for plant sterilisation. Bought by W.Targett of Chandlers Ford who owned it until 1989 and then passed to current owner in 1991. New firebox and gears in 1991, new piston and rebore in 2006. Currently (2013) off the road awaiting new boiler barrel.


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