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On the road to Leigh 2014
Engine Details
Current Name Vanguard
Manufacturer Aveling and Porter
Build date 1893
Serial no. 3199
Registration no. MA 7892
Machine type R10
Weight Tons (kg) 10 ton
Date into Preservation 1992 (UK)
Power nhp 5 nhp
No. of Cylinders One
Linkage Type Stevenson Linkage
No. of Gears 2
Ancillary equipment Canopy
Original Owner Middleton Corperation
Current Owner / Keeper Christopher David Adamson
Date bought (Current) 1st Feb 2014
Sale Price (approximate)
(if published)
Auctioneer -
Private Sale yes
Scraping date 1948
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Aveling & Porter no. 3199 is an Traction engine that was built in 1893 by Aveling & Porter. This engine is currently owned/in the care of Mr C Adamson of Lymm,Cheshire.

Engine HistoryEdit

This engine was the result of an order placed by the Middleton Corporation for a new steam roller. The engine provided 30 years of service to Middleton before being sold, presumably in need of a major overhaul.

The Lancashire Road Rolling Company purchased her in 1923 added the engine to their fleet. As can be seen from the plaque on the cylinder they performed an extensive rebuild at the works of Charles Price & Sons (Broadheath, Nr Altrincham).

Vanguard’s working life with the LRRC was performing contracted road maintenance in the local area. She remained in service until the Second World War broke out when the time came to perform one last role.

The Royal Air Force requisitioned her as part of a fleet used to roll runways in . Following her service to King and Country and no doubt in a very sorry state she was sent to Nicolson’s scrap yard, also in having never made it home.

Vanguard languished at Nicolson’s yard, suffering sever damage and dereliction. The front rolls and forks were taken and so nose down in the dirt corrosion gradually rotted away the boiler and firebox.

She was seen as unrecoverable, however in 1992 and rumour has it as a result of a £500 bet she was rescued and restored. The decision being taken at the time to restore her as a Steam Tractor rather than a Roller as the entire front end by this time had long gone.

Passing through a few owners she arrived with Rob Houghton of , who undertook an in-depth restoration. Many parts were re-machined or renewed and the original cylinder (cracked & condemned) was replaced with a near identical one found on a farm in !

Vanguard then passed to the current owners, Chris & Tsitsi Adamson of Heatley Heath, Lymm.



Early days in the scrap yard, the front forks and rollers would be taken and the area would become overgrown.

In 2015 this engine will be attending Ashley Hall Traction Engine Rally, Lymm Transport Day, Cheshire Steam Fair, Astle Park Steam Rally and Lymm Beer Festival.

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  • A later photo from the scrap yard. In later years engine would fall off wooden block the firebox rests on thus leaving the boiler nose in the ground. This is how the corrosion took the front of the boiler and firebox. The headstock would be broken during removal from the scrap yard.
  • Roading to its new owner
  • Roading to its new owner

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