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Receiving a bit of surgery to the boiler tubes at the start of 2009 season

Aveling & Porter no. 11486 is light compound steam tractor built by Aveling & Porter in 1926. This engine is an A&P type 'L' tractor.

The engines is currently named Morning Star and caries the registration mark KM 7100. The engine roads to events with its Living van.

Engines History

  • Built in 1926
  • Original owner Kent CC
  • Operated on light haulage works
  • Used till 1943
  • J. Boutwood of Silsoe (date ?) [1]
  • Bought by Ross Durling in 1979 and Restored
  • Boiler retubed in spring 2009
  • Currently owned by John Durling - President of the Steam Apprentice Club & NTET Voluntary Competency Scheme assessor.
  • Fitted with canopy in ?

Events attended by this engine

Morning Star at Masham Steam Rally

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Photos Description
Aveling & Porter no. 11486 -Cast iron rear wheel - IMG 7177.jpg The interesting cast steel rear wheels
Aveling & Porter no. 11486 - KM 7100 - Morning Star at Klondyke 09 - IMG 4886.jpg Getting up steam at the Steam party
A&P no. 11486 - sign board - IMG 4885.jpg The neat informative Engine Information Board displayed with the engine at events.
Aveling & Porter no. 11486 - ST - Morning Star - KM 7100 at Cumbria 09 - IMG 0543.jpg At Cumbria Steam Gathering in 2009
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Photo of this engine in 19?
posted by Glen Price (Steam boy) on the Traction Talk Forum (image is on

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