Aveling Barford AD155 RR DX8 - TL 7540 at Driffield 08 - P8100447

Aveling-Barford AD155 at Driffield Steam Rally 08

Aveling-Barford AD155 is a early diesel roller built by Aveling-Barford and fitted with a single cylinder Ruston diesel engine. The roller carries the registration plate TL 7540.

Vehicle historyEdit

For company history, see Aveling-Barford.
  • Built in 1938
  • This Roller has a Ruston CSB3 Single Cylinder 17hp Diesel engine in it.
  • Ex Colne Corporation Highways Department
  • Currently owned by R.Taylor Leicestershire
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Events attendedEdit

Some of the events that this vehicle has attended include;

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Aveling-Barford AD155 - Roller - TL7540 at Harewood 08 - IMG 0436 At Harewood House Steam Rally in 2008
Aveling-Barford AD155 Roller - TL7540 at Harewood 08 - IMG 0438 Left side view
Aveling-Barford AD155 - plate - IMG 0437 Manufacturers plate
To add At Newby Hall Vintage Gathering 2008
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