Auto-Mower mc plate - IMG 3847-crop

Manufacturers plate on a Auto-Mower built machine.

Auto Mower roller

Auto Mowers twin drum roller at GDSF 2008

Auto-Mower of Norton Saint Phillips nr. Bath, England built a range of conversions initaly based mainly on Fordson Major tractor skid units. The Ford 5000 was later used and the winch was hydraulic.

The Fordson Major was the F.M.F.8 and the Ford 5000 was the AT 5. They also built Roller conversions for Fordson tractors and later going on to build simple diesel road rollers.

One machine that they also built was a "Pole Erector" Machine again for utility contractors.

Company historyEdit

Fordson E27N Major with Auto-Mower winch at Onslow Park 2011 IMG 3848

Fordson E27N Major fitted with Auto-Mower winch unit at Onslow Park Steam Rally 2011

The company was founded nr Bath in ?

They manufactured winch attachments which were fitted to early tractors such as the Fordson Model F and to some Roadless conversions for use by the RAF.

They were later taken over by T.H. White Engineers Ltd. of Frome in Somerset, who branded some products as Auto-Mower.

Model RangeEdit

Auto Mower winch on a Fordson at GDSF 08

A Auto-Mower winch conversion on a Fordson tractor at GDSF 2008

  • Line erecting Tractors

Probably best Known for building Line pulling (winch) tractors used by companies erecting Power transmission lines on pylons. The tractors generally had a large winch on a stretched frame with the front axle moved forwards, and anchor spud legs on the back. Most had a triangular frame over the top with a large guide pulley for the winch cable at the top.

  • Pole erector machine
  • Roller conversions
  • Road rollers

Preserved MachinesEdit

427627 10200383157920701 203667716 n

A Ford 5000 based line tractor

Auto Mower winch on a Fordson at GDSF 08

Fordson fitted with Auto-Mower winch

Auto-Roller AR sn 42629MOD at GDSF 2013 - IMG 8082

Auto-Roller at GDSF 2013

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