Austin A40 pick up reg OAL 602 at Boroughbridge CV 09 - IMG 9067

A Austin A40 pick up displayed at the Boroughbridge Classic Vehicle show 2009

Austin A40 Devon 4-door saloon car reg DTL 295 at Boroughbridge CV 09 - IMG 9063

A very original 1948 MKI A40 Devon presented next to a A40 pick up

The Austin A40 range of models from the Austin Motor Company included 2-door, & 4-door saloon cars as well as van and pick up variants for the light Commercial vehicles sector.

Model historyEdit

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  • 2-Door saloon
  • 4-door saloon
  • 2-door Van
  • 2-door Pick up


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  • Various Classic vehicle shows for the photos

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