Predecessor -
Founded 1959
Headquarters Arequito, Argentina
Key people Celino Audoglio
Constantino Mecozzi
Products agriculture machinery

AuMec perhaps one of the youngest own-use harvesters and spare parts factories in the country is Aumec S.A. This company started in Arequito in 1959, in the RP92 and Belgrano, 89 km from the city of Rosario, due to the concern of two people with experience in the field, one of them was Celino Audoglio, a turner mechanic of recognized ability and who had worked in the factory Senor of San Vicente and La Margariteña of Colonia Margarita and Constantino Mecozzi, qualified mechanic of automotors, machinery and diesel engines. Both intend to test a prototype of a harvester and then begin the series production of the same, this project is carried forward while formalizing the company that will form the new company, on August 28, 1958 and will be called Aumec, derivative of the surnames of the initiators AU/doglio MEC/ozzi. Throughout more than three decades he developed different models of harvesting machines. When the experimental unit was tested in the wheat crop of that year and checked its operation, it was decided to start manufacturing in 1959, with 6 units increasing to 15 in 1960 and then increasing to 60 or 70 annual units of the AM models and then MD until the end of that decade.

Founders Edit

The company was formed by: J. Noccelli, Giuliano, Hnos. Mecozzi, Hnos. Audoglio, Calvetti, Demaría, Sassena, H. Abratte, Hnos. Monti, Formento and J. Campá. Averaging the 60s the social capital is around 20 million pesos in national currency, with about 45 workers in the plant at that time. The Aumec harvesters enjoyed a good prestige both nationally and in neighboring countries, being prepared also for threshing beans and rice in marshy lands. The company worked under the heading: Aumec S.A., factory of agricultural machines.

AuMec now Edit

It currently manufactures trailers (tanks of 3000 and 6000 liters and coupled shallow), accessories (spreaders and spreaders), mono hoppers of 12000, 20,000 and 23,000 liters, equipment (bagging of grain) and provides various services to agriculture (platform reform to Draper). This includes the incorporation of a Sauer Danfoss independent hydraulic system for the operation of WCCO Belting conveyor belts, imported from Canada.


AuMec combine harvester Models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Aumec A-M 195X-196X Bedford A-M in Pesados Argentinos
AuMec 1070 196X-197X 1070 in Pesados Argentinos
AuMec 1070 Arrocera Extra 196X-197X 1070 Arrocera Extra in Pesados Argentinos
AuMec 1070 B 196X-197X 1070 B in Pesados Argentinos
AuMec 1270 198X-199X 1270 in Pesados Argentinos
AuMec 930 Arrocera Extra 196X-197X 930 Arrocera Extra in Pesados Argentinos

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