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The Aultman-Taylor Machinery Co. of Mansfield, Ohio in America had roots in C. Aultman Co. which was founded in 1859 by Cornelius Aultman and Henry Taylor who formerly was with Nichols & Shepard a Threshing machine builder. They were noted for there steam engines, threshing machines and other agricultural machinery.

It was not until 1910 or 1911 that Aultman-Taylor began to produce tractors. They introduced the Aultman-Taylor 30-60 Which became legendary. The early versions had a square radiator, but this was soon replaced by the more familiar tubular one (Looking like a section of boiler). The range of tractors was expanded over the next few years, with a smaller model the 15-30 of 1918 the most notable for its completely enclosed bonnet.

The company experienced financial problems in the depression slump and in 1924 it was taken over by Advance-Rumely Thresher co. of LaPorte, Indiana, who subsequently sold Aultman-Taylor tractors alongside their own products for a period until the remaining stock was sold.

Model range

  • Aultman-Taylor 30-60 - 1910-24
  • Aultman-Taylor 15-30 - 1918-24


A few examples exist in the USA.[1]

  • They exist in the UK.
  • One example was shown in the Netherlands. (On steel wheels site)

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