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Ashby Magna Midsummer Vintage Festival
Foden no. 13196 - wagon - Pride of Fulham - GC 5832 at Ashby Magna 2010 - IMG 0759.jpg
Foden no. 13196 - Pride of Fulham
Organisers NVTEC - Midlands Group
Sponsors (main)
Date held on Mid June
Duration (days) 2
Venue Nr Ashby Magna
County Leicestershire
Country England
NTET Accredited
Attendance numbers
(approximate no.)
Next Event Date 2011
First Event was held in (year) ?
Last Event was held in (year) 2011
No. of years held 13
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The Ashby Magna Midsummer Vintage Festival is held in the middle of June, at Ashby Magna, just of the M1 south of Leicester. The Rally is organised by the NVTEC Midland Group to raise money for local charities and good causes in the area with the local scouts assisting with the gates, car parking etc..


The 2010 event was the 12 th that has been held.

2010 Event

The 2010 event included Exhibit classes for:

2010 Steam engines & motor rollers

Steam Engines list
Exhibit no. Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
1 Aveling & Porter no. 7798 Titanic Steam Roller 1912 R 7497 D. Corbett, Leicestershire Aveling & Porter no. 7798 - RR - Titanic - R 7497 at Ashby Magna 2010 - IMG 0748.jpg Ex Derbyshire County Council
2 Foden no. 13196 Pride of Fulham Steam tractor 1928 GC 5832 Peter Van Houghton, Leicestershire Foden no. 13196 - wagon - Pride of Fulham - GC 5832 at Ashby Magna 2010 - IMG 0759.jpg
3 Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies no. 42036 Langham Belle Agricultural engine 1931 TL 2366 The Kirby family collection Ransomes Sims & Jefferies no. 42036 - TE - Langham Belle - TL 2366 at Ashby Magna 2010 - IMG 0779.jpg
4 Wallis & Steevens no. 7248 Pedler General Purpose Engine 1914 HR 3555 T. Harrington, Warwickshire Wallis & Stevens no. 7248 - TE - Pedler - HR 3555 at Ashby Magna 2010 - IMG 0826.jpg
1 Aveling-Barford AE576 - Motor roller 1941 ECT 113 G. Atkinson, Leicestershire Aveling-Barford AE 576 type DX - ECT 113 - at Ashby Magna 2010 - IMG 0766.jpg Ex Eddison Plant, Grantham
2 Aveling-Barford AD155 - Motor roller 1938 TL 7540 R. Taylor, Leicestershire Aveling-Barford AD155 - DX8 - TL 7540 - at Ashby Magna 2010 - IMG 0776.jpg Fitted with a electric starter
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? Manufacturer no. ? Name ? Type year ? Reg no. ? owner ? 100px 150px]] misc notes

Steam models

A 4" scale Foster Agricultural engine

A Number of 'Model' steam engines were present.

If you visited the show or your models were there please add details of them and photos below, thanks.


A approximately ? tractor were present (? listed in guide), with a few interesting implements as well. A few more unusuall examples were mixed in with the usual grey Fergy and Fordsons. A few were well restored examples while others were as found, or quick tart up jobs.

Details to follow.

Tis list is not correct for this event yet

Above list with more info to be transfered to the table below with photos
Tractor exhibit list
entry no. Make Model no. / type Reg no. Serial no. (if known) year built Owner Photo Misc info
? County County Super-4 Reg no. ? County no. ? ? owner ? 150px]] Fitted with winch
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Commercial & Military vehicles

A number of interesting vehicles were present including these;

  • photos to follow later and a few others trucks besides.

Cars & 4 wheel drives

A few interesting examples were seen.

Past Events

Please add detail's of any past events if you visited with photos of the exhibits.

See also

References / sources

  • The show guide 2009

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