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A British Doe Triple D

A early model of an articulated tractor from a mainstream manufacturer in the UK was the MF 1200. Other earlier makes existed in the USA

Articulated tractors are high horse-powered four-wheel drive (4WD) agricultural tractors that articulate (bend) in the middle. The tractors feature four tires, or sets of tires, of equal size that give the tractor lots of traction. These tractors are often used for tillage and pulling large grain carts.

Dual tractors

A Chamberlain tandem tractor

Dual tractors, or tandem tractors, are a type of articulated tractor. A number of farmers, and later, manufacturers, built articulated tractors that used 2 medium-sized tractors bolted together with a pivot and removed the front axles to create an articulated machine with 4-wd and twice the power of the original tractor that it was based on. The most notable make in the UK were Doe with their Doe Triple D model based on Fordson E1A Major tractors.

Other tractors have been built as one off or to order by engineering firms in Britain, the USA and Australia, including, but not limited to: John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Ford, Ferguson and Chamberlain, amonst others.


A pair of classic 1980s articulated tractors - John Deere 8640 (l) and Ford FW-60 (r)

For manufacturers of articulated tractors and related tractor models:

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A number of farmers also built one-off's from standard parts or out of existing machines.

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