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Rhino Runner armoured bus of the US military

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An armoured bus or armored bus is a type of bus which provides increased protection for passengers, usually against small arms and improvised explosive devices. The bus can be a stock commercial bus with retro-fitted vehicle armour as well as bulletproof glass, or a specially built military armoured vehicle. Lighter armoured buses are also used for prisoner transport in some countries.

During World War 1 LGOC B-type buses fitted with 2-inch-thick (51 mm) planks to provide some protection were used to move troops behind the lines.[1]

Temsa, a Turkish bus manufacturer, made the world's first armoured passenger bus.[citation needed] The bus was displayed at the 9th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF'09). The bus was tested in Germany with bombs and multiple calibres of ammunition.

The main users are civil defence forces and police forces in countries with political unrest. Most western countries have a few examples for use by the police during riots and industrial disputes. In the UK during the miners strike in the early 1980s a lot of buses were fitted with basic mesh protection to the windows to transport workers in to pits and power stations through angry crowds of strikers who where throwing bricks and petrol bombs to intimidate non-striking workers. They were also used extensively to transport police from around the country to were the miners were protesting to break up the strike.

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