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Antonio Carraro
Founded 1960
Founder(s) Antonio Carraro
Headquarters Veneto, Italy
Products agriculture machinery tractor

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Antonio Carraro was founded in 1960 when Antonio set up his own company in Veneto, Italy, apart from his brothers who were part of Carraro Agritalia, formerly Giovanni Carraro. Antonio decided specialized in vineyard tractors and machinery. In 1964, the first Antonio Carraro tractor was developed.[1]

In 2004, Antonio Carraro began building tractors for Renault Agriculture. In 2006, an agreement was signed that strengthened the ties to Carraro Agritalia, and Antonio Carraro began to distribute Carraro (Agritalia) tractors under the Antonio Carraro brand.


Tractor Models Built for Renault Agriculture
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Renault Multis 106X 2004- 35 hp (26 kW) Renault multis 106X MFWD - 2005.jpg
Renault Multis 136TR 2004- 68 hp (51 kW) Renault Multis 136TR MFWD.jpg
Renault Multis 146F 2004- 68 hp (51 kW)
Renault Multis 146R 2004- 68 hp (51 kW)
Renault Multis 146XR 2004- 68 hp (51 kW)
Renault Multis 156F 2004- 83 hp (62 kW)
Renault Multis 156R 2004- 83 hp (62 kW)
Renault Multis 156TR 2004- 83 hp (62 kW)
Renault Multis 156XR 2004- 83 hp (62 kW)

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