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Predecessor -
Founded 1939
Founder(s) Luis Boschetto
Headquarters Angélica, Santa Fe, Argentina
Key people Luis Boschetto
José Raimondo
Sebastián Raimondo
Products agriculture machinery

Angélica was created by Luis Boschetto, together with his brothers Miguel and Antonio, in partnership with the brothers Sebastián and José Raimondo, formed by common agreement on Thursday, May 11, 1939, a company to dedicate themselves to the manufacture of machines that cut grain in the type automotive in the town of Angélica. In that year they built two units that were put to the test in the wheat harvest of that period. The success of the test was the culmination of that first stage that led them to expand the production to several annual units. When the brothers José and Sebastián Raimondo left the firm, it was established under the name of Luis Boschetto and Hnos. S.A. using the Angelica brand as identification, that is, the name of the town where it was manufactured.

Boschetto familiy

The Boschetto were artisans of the agricultural activities, in which they sowed and harvested with all the difficulties and hardships of work done in the primitive and sacrificial form, as it was done. The purpose they had was first and foremost; the production of harvesting machines for wheat and flax crops. No entrepreneurial capital was set and the company, rather than a commercial objective, had the purpose of fulfilling the need to create and with such an incentive the until then farmers made of solid knowledge of general mechanics, to which they added, as is logical , the abundant experience acquired over the years dedicated to the same task, but with inadequate means. The first year of work resulted in the manufacture of 2 machines to reach 1963, to 85 units and for 1964 the production program denotes a ponderable figure of 120 units. The primitive workshop of 1939 with 480 m2 covered was extended until, at the end of the 50 ', it was 7000 m2 covered, with modern facilities including office, administrative and technical sector, materials depot, spare parts and engines. Two power plants, one of direct current and another of alternating current. The children, descendants of the pioneers of society and already men are incorporated into it, thereby increasing the human potential that allows facing tasks in a communion of ideals and purposes and success is strengthened.

In 1950, Luis Boschetto and Hermanos S.R.L. with capital of $ 1113,000 and as of January 1, 1959, as a consequence of the increase in capital, "Luis Boschetto and Hnos S.A." with a capital of $ 6000000 integrated, of $ 8000000 subscribed and of 40000000 pesos of authorized capital. In that period it produced up to 130/140 annual units that were distributed in all the grain areas of the country, with some 100 workers occupying its workshops in the 60s and 65s.

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In the early 70's they stop producing harvesters and are fully dedicated to the manufacture of silos plants (air and transportable).

Models of Angélica combine harvesters
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Platform Width (feet) Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Angélica B-58 1958-197X 100 hp (75 kW) ¿Perkins? B-58 in Pesados Argentinos
Angélica B-570 195X-197X 185 hp (138 kW) Perkins B-570 in Pesados Argentinos
Angélica La Petiza 196X-197X 100 hp (75 kW) ¿Perkins? La Petiza in Pesados Argentinos

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