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Anderton and Rowland Showtrac - Gladiator on display at Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre Autumn 2011

Anderton & Rowland were a Bristol based travelling showground operator, whose rootes went back to 1872 when the business was started by Albert Haslam who performed as Professor Anderton. He was later joined by his son who performed as Captain Rowland. The original Anderton & Hasland name was changed in 1900 to Anderton & Rowland following a restructuring.


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Rides and attractions

The busines had a number of different rides and attractions over the years that they reaveled the country. These were originally hauled by horses but by the late 1800s steam engines were being used for power and to haul some of the rides.

Surviving rides and attractions

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Steam engines

Engines in the fleet included;

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Surviving engines and attractions

A number of ex Anderton and Rowland engines have survived into preservation;

These were all brought together in 2010 at the Beaulieu Steam Revival along with several of the old fairground attractions.

Showmans vehicles

The company operated 4 Scammell Showtracs over a number of years. Members of the family still own some of them. They are occasionally exhibited at steam rallies in the UK. One is resident at the Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre most of the time.

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