Amanco sn 318519 Chore Boy at Lister yndale 09 - IMG 4653

A Amanco "Chore Boy" at the Lister Tyndale Steam Rally 2009

The Amanco "Chore Boy" is a 1 3/4 hp Horizontal open crank engine with Hopper cooling, built by the American firm of Amanco in the early 1900's a number were imported into the UK during WW One.

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Details required - Can you help with info on this model ? The engine sold for £22 Stationary and £23 17s 6d Mounted according to an old Advert (date unknown)


List of known engines owned by collectors (most still working or restored)

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  • info board on engine
  • show guide

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Amanco "Chore Boy" Amanco sn 318519 Horizontal Petrol 1 3/4 hp Mike Alcock Amanco sn 318519 Chore Boy at Lister yndale 09 - IMG 4653 Lister Tyndale Steam Rally 2009
Amanco sn ? -  ? hp Owner Image needed LHB

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