Alvis-Unipower 8x8 M series of ALE - IMG 7929

ALE's Alvis-Unipower 8x8 250 ton ballast tractor unit parked awaiting police escort

The Alvis-Unipower company was created following Alvis plc's purchase of Unipower in 1994. The brand was applied to the range of Heavy trucks they were marketing at that time.

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The company was Bidding for the Ministry of Defence (in Britain) Contract for a new tank transporter.

Following their elimination from the bidding process for the Ministry of Defence Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) project, Alvis announced their intention to seek a new owner for Alvis Unipower[1].

The prototypes built for this contract were subsequently sold to Abnormal Load Engineering (ALE) of Stafford, for use as Heavy Haulage Ballast tractor units. ALE is a Heavy Haulage Contractors, specialising in moving items like turbines and transformers for the power industry.

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