Allis-Chalmers HD14
Allis-Chalmers HD14 in SE Davis collection 09 - IMG 3973
A Tidy Allis-Chalmers HD14 from the S.E.Davis & Son collection
Model history
Model introduced 1939
Model discontinued 1947
Model status Discontinued
Engine Specification
Engine make GM
Engine model 6-71
Fuel type Diesel
Power hp 132
Power kW 98
No. of Cylinders 6
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type Unknown
Drive tracked
Linkage Category Unknown
Other info
Factories USA
Plow rating Unknown
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The Allis-Chalmers HD-14 was a large Bulldozer built in the USA by the Allis-Chalmers corporation during the 1940s.

For brand history, see Allis-Chalmers.

Model historyEdit

GM engine supercharger (on AC Crawler) - SE Davis 09 - IMG 3984

Detail of the Blower on a GM engine in an Allis-Chalmers crawler

For company history, see Allis-Chalmers.

The origins of the HD-14 go back to the Allis-Chalmers Model L which was petrol (Gasoline) engined. As diesels began to gain acceptance and offer advantages of lugging power, Allis fitted several Model L machines with General Motors 6-cylinder GM 6-71 engine offering 122 hp (91 kW) at the drawbar in the Nebraska tractor tests in 1940.[1] The GM engine was fitted with a Rootes type blower (Supercharger) driven by the engine.

The HD-14 featured 132 hp (98 kW).


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Production / Serial numbers Edit

Production of HD14 and the Torque Converter HD14C version was 6422 units between 1939 to 1947.[2]


These are very large machines and were generally worked hard, few examples exist in the UK as they were a US built machine, but a couple are in UK preservation awaiting restoration.

  • The S.E. Davis & Son collection has two.
    • one fitted with a bulldozer Blade (photo above).
    • A Standard Crawler tractor version (blower photo)

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  • add details of source of technical info

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