Allelys 6 axle Goldhofer modular low loader with locomotive load at GDSF 2008 in the Heavy Haulage ring lining up prior to offloading demonstration

Allelys Heavy Haulage are based in Studley, Warwickshire. and the firm was founded by Morris Allely in 1959.

About the Firm[edit | edit source]

The Firm specialises in moving rail locomotives and regularly moves them for heritage railways and for the TOC's for refurbishment.

Fleet[edit | edit source]

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Trailers[edit | edit source]

  • Goldhofer modular trailer system with well and girder beams set to rail gauge so no need to fit a length of track on top, thus saving 300+ head room. Rear is a 4+2 steerable unit with height adjustment. Neck fitted with winch for loading.

Preservation[edit | edit source]

The following vehicles are in Preservation in Alleys Livery. (It is not clear if they are owned by Allelys or are in private ownership as they were not listed in the show catalogue for the event, but the event is held very near Alleys yard).

Make Model Reg No. Body Photo Misc notes
Austin Type K2 GNP 57 Dropside Austin K2 dropside truck reg GNP 57 of Alleys of Studley at Astwood Bank 09 - IMG 3789.jpg At Astwood Bank Vintage Gathering 2009
Bedford ? Unknown Livestock truck Beford Livestock truck Alleys of Studley at Astwood Bank 09 - IMG 3787.jpg at Astwood Bank Vintage Gathering 2009
Seddon Seddon Mk5 WFR 754 Flat bed Seddon Mk5 Diesel reg WKR 754 Flatbed of Alleys of Studley at Astwood Bank 09 - IMG 3788.jpg Perkins engined
at Astwood Bank Vintage Gathering 2009

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