Allchin - 3251 - Royal Chester

Allchin no. 3251 "Royal Chester"

Allchin no. 3251 is a general purpose Traction Engine built by Allchin. This engine is known as Royal Chester. The engine is noted for being a popular choice for engineers to build Live steam models of, as it was one of the first engines to have plans produced of it.

Engine historyEdit

  • Built in ?
  • New to ?
  • Saved for preservation by ?
  • Sold in 2011 at the Peter Fordham Sale to ? of?


Miniatures / Live steam modelsEdit

This engine has been used as the 'model' for a number of live steam scale models (Miniatures). Several people have offered sets of drawings and castings for model makers to build a scale version.

  • 7" Scale model
  • add other versions here (Use reg no. if available for page name (link) to article on individual engine)

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