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The Aldersley Engineering Company Ltd., of Tettenhall, Staffs. were manufacturers of Agricultural equipment for crop handling, spraying and storage. The company was also known as Aldersley Engineers Ltd of Aldersley House, Albion Rd., West Bromwich. was founded in 1900 who made/ sold livestock equipment like gates and stalls.

Company history

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The company is believed to have closed down in the late 1960/early 1970s.


Crop handling
  • belt and bucket elevators and worm conveyors.
  • agricultural trailers
Crop spraying
  • type "E" weeder.
  • "Universal" weeder.
  • "Universal" weeder, for use with the Nuffield Universal tractor.
Crop storage
  • Aldersley-Pehrson "Dual-Process" method of crop drying.
  • portable "All crop" drier.
  • Pehrson "Dual Process" crop drying plant.
  • grain driers and conditioners.
  • grain storage plant,
  • reinforced concrete silos and buildings.
  • fuel tank trailers.
  • tipping, fuel or water tank trailers and loading trailers.
  • grain storage - standard steel components and connectors
  • sectional steel storage bins, for storage of grain etc.
  • crop drying and storage plant leaflets.
  • drying and storage plant.
  • conveying system.
  • standard two wheeled tipping trailer, model L.
  • standard mark VI grain dryer units.
  • mobile "all-crop" dryer.
  • grain dryer.
  • belt and bucket elevators.
  • cyclones.
  • worm conveyors.
  • land and gravity roller conveyors.
  • chain conveyors.
  • sectional square steel storage bins for storage of grain, etc.
Stock equipment
  • Aldermark 120 stainless steel tank,
  • animal drinking bowls.
  • bull pen equipment.
  • calf pen equipment.
  • cattle weighers and crushers.
  • cattle yard equipment
  • chain tying cowstalls.
  • Sombrero calf rearing houses.
  • multi-purpose field crop sprayers.
  • pig pen equipment.
  • stock crushers, yokes and feeding troughs.
  • Stock fencing, and yard railing and gates.
  • tubular steel stock gates.
  • tubular farm equipment for animal cubicles.

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